Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tonight's Workout

A day before our weekly workouts, Coach Ramon always sends us an explanation of what our workout will consist of that day. We are broken into three groups- Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Although I have been feeling out of shape and not as confident with my running, I am too stubborn to train with anything less than the advanced group because of how much I improved last season. It's all about pushing your personal effort levels anyway...

This is the Advanced workout for tonight's practice. I'm scared.


Ready for your first Test of the season? BRING YOUR WATCHES!

So, You are the advance, and that means you have time goals, to make sure you are moving on the right direction we need to make sure we first know where we stand now, and continue to test ourselves during the season and see our improvement.

This first test is going to be a little 5 mile tempo race kind of thing.

From your meeting location at Eat 86th on the Bridle Path, you will warm up by running to East 90th street, once you get there, get your watches and start timing your 5 mile run.

You will run the lower 5 mile loop. Go north on 102nd street, make a left at the transverse and head to the westside, then make a left at the westside to head south, all the way around to the south end of the park, and head north on the east side to finish at east 90th.

Approach to the Workout: This is pretty much a high effort 5 mile. See what kind of shape you are. Not just physically, but mentally as well. Being able to race, to run fast, to push, to do your best you need to get comfortable with the discomfort, this is one of those workouts that will start to get your ready on that area. Nothing is better than a continuous hard run to get your mind and body ready.

The key of this workout is to recognize your effort level, try to figure out early on what kind of effort you can maintain for the whole 5 miles, it is not about starting really fast and trying to keep it up as long as you can and then die when you get tired, not at all, it's all about knowing you are pushing it and you are pushing it within control early on.

Time yourself and maintain a log of your time, how you felt during the run, so next time you get to do it you can compare.

Tips: use the first 5 minutes to get into a pace, get to the point where you feel you pushing it but you still have 2 gears left.

Have Fun!

I haven't pushed myself like this in a while. I need to be careful about starting too quickly. I have been trying to keep up with the fast people and then I die later on. I'll let you know how it goes!

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