Thursday, September 3, 2009

Quick Update!

I've just realized how long its been since I've posted! It has been a busy past few weeks, with school starting, traveling, and celebrating my birthday.

We are now in prime training season. My most recent long run was 16 miles (last saturday), although it was supposed to be a "down week." We are supposed to let our bodies recover once every four weeks, and not increase in mileage. (by recover I mean 10 miles- if you consider that recovery)

Two Saturdays ago (8/22) was the last Saturday of summer streets. I don't know what went wrong. It could have been the disgusting humid weather (I woke up at 3AM to intense thunderstorms that took down central park!). I made my way to our meeting spot in the park at 72nd st, where we were going to begin. Our plan was to run down Park Ave (clear for Summer Streets!), run west on Chambers, run up the West Side Highway, and then complete a 5 mile loop in the park. This seemed like fun, because (for the most part), it would break the monotony of Central Park. Unfortunately, I was NOT feeling it. For breakfast I tried something new- peanut butter with ezekiel toast (which is made from sprouted grains)- may have been too healthy. I felt nauseous for the entire run, and ended up getting on the subway after 6 miles. Which is why I did my 16 miles this weekend when everyone else was doing 10!

This Saturday is a very special run. I am very excited because it takes place just steps away from my apartment- and over the George Washington Bridge! While the rest of the team gets to bitch and moan about the subway ride uptown at 6AM, I can leisurely roll out of bed and into my running shoes. It's really silly how much people complain about making it to the bridge. It's not that far away! It's still Manhattan! Geez!

Anyway, I am (ideally) going to be completing 18 miles Saturday morning. It is a beautiful, scenic route through Palisades Park in New Jersey, however, it would be MUCH more beautiful if it weren't so hilly! Plus, apparently on NPR a few weeks ago, there was talk of a "jaguar" scare in Palisades Park. I hope they have gotten that sorted out!

More to come- More Hill training, Fartlek workouts, and trips to Philadelphia! And of course birthday week :-)