Sunday, June 14, 2009

This Weeks Training

We are currently at the beginning of our season for "team in training." We run together on Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings for practices, with the occasional Sunday race.

This week has been a hard week. Last Sunday, I ran the "mini women's 10K" in the park. Everyone who I talked to who ran it agreed that it was a very hard race. Could have been the weather, could have been over confidence when we weren't really ready to race at all in this stage of training. I felt like I have been getting slower and less confident on my runs, but hopefully I will build up more confidence throughout the season. (Oh, i know I will).

Tuesday night at practice was "crosstraining day." For some reason, we get really excited for cross-training. (Maybe its because it doesn't involve running until we feel nauseous...). Anyway, our cross training practice involved being split up into 2 groups- one group would go out and run 12 minutes (6 minutes out and 6 back) and the other group does a series of strength training exercises (squats, lunges, push-ups etc.). Then we switch. We did this rotation 3 times, and it was KILLER. Coach Ramon doesn't let us get away with anything less than a 90 degree squat! I definitely felt like I deserved my dinosaur bbq that night though :-)

If you don't know what Dinosaur BBQ is, let me enlighten you: it is arguably the best BBQ in New York. Located on 131st and 12th ave (across from fairway), my friends and I occasionally spoil ourselves with the "big ass pork plate" and a large selection of beer. The steep hill on the walk home gives us the false hopes that we burned off all those calories, but nonetheless, its worth it :-)

Today I dragged my roommate (Brian) and 2 of my friends to my hometown of Litchfield, CT to run the Litchfield HIlls Road Race! The LHRR is 7.1 miles through our gorgeous little country town. It's not so gorgeous when we hit mile 6- Gallows lane, the steepest hill I have ever run up. No matter how much I move my arms it feels like I'm not moving! I don't think Brian was very happy with me for that one....

Pictures of the happy finishers to come!

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