Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's all downhill from here...

I am so sorry for the month long hiatus from the blog! Since the beginning of the season, my training has only gone more and more down hill (which is unfortunate, because San Francisco is mainly an UPHILL race). Running hasn't been fun for me. I have been making excuses for my runs, when really, I am not putting enough effort into because I don't want to do it! (Which is a pretty valid excuse if I do say so myself). Our most recent Tuesday night training run was a pacing workout that involved three lower loops of the park (1.7 miles each). I was in tears for most of the 3rd loop, and I looked PRETTY pathetic (isn't that sad?).

My marathon is in 2 1/2 weeks (October 18th!!). I am so excited to spend a weekend in San Francisco with some of the most amazing people I know. I am excited to perform such an incredible accomplishment, and then take a nice LONG break from running. I have all my qualifications in for the NYC Marathon of 2010, so that will give me almost a year of recovery. Perfect!

I am running my last long run tomorrow morning. 20 miles all by myself :-( I am going to experiment with run walking- maybe that will spark some inspiration. The Galloway method is very famous, and has inspired some impressive results. The idea is to walk 1 minute for every mile (or every 5 minute period). This may seem like a cop-out, but many of these Galloway runners have passed me on long runs! Hopefully it will yield some successful results for me also.

After I complete this marathon, I will not stop working out, but I will try to do what my body wants me too. I do not want to be governed by guilt- that is not what exercising should be about. Instead, I'm going to do what I like to do! That can mean city walking, or some new fun workout classes. Right now, my favorite is the "core fusion sport" class at Exhale Spas. It is a very efficient cardio-strength training that really kicks my butt without depressing me! It's like a cheaper version of my personal training sessions. I am also excited to try the trapeze class at Chelsea Piers that my uncle gave me a gift certificate for :-)

In Other News....

October is not only National Beer Month, but it is also The Vegan Month of Food! (Vegan Mofo)

The concept is for vegan-friendly bloggers to write as much about vegan food as possible during the month of October. I am a vegan by no means, but I have love vegan options. Anyone can make something taste good by frying it and/or slathering cheese all over it. Someone who makes a tasty meal out of healthy foods- now THAT'S impressive. I realized recently that I go days on end eating vegan. Today I ate completely vegan (with the exception of some hot chocolate). I don't think I could do that for a month, but incorporating more vegan dishes sounds like fun! I am up for the challenge.


Today, I had one of my favorite lunches in the area. I am stuck around 122nd st all day on Thursdays (busy day at school!) and one of my favorite places to eat is Broadway Au Lait across the street. The specialize in falafel, and other vegetarian foods. I love their Greek salad (without feta- I can't stand feta cheese) and their veggie burgers, so I combine the two and eat a veggie burger patty on top of a Greek salad! Grape leaves are SO good.

Anyway, it's off to bed. 20 miles in the morning! Hopefully it will be a positive experience.

Thank you for all your support! Have a wonderful weekend.

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