Thursday, October 8, 2009

I LOVE Wednesdays

I really do.

Wednesday is the only day of the week when I have free time during the day AND during the evening. Of course, I'm not one to leave that as free time. But I try to fill my Wednesdays up with fun activities.

I started out the day with a Core Fusion class at the Gansevoort Hotel on 13th street. I had never been to this location, and I was very impressed! It was hidden in the basement of the hotel, and had a very intimate space. My class was small (considering it was at work-time on a Wednesday) so I got the dressing room/shower area all to myself afterward! One aspect of the core fusion class that I love is the amazing facilities. Everything is very clean, the towels are heated, and they have tons of free toiletries and calming music (well, it is a spa). Better yet, there is a student discount :-). Not to mention it's a kick-ass workout. I am excited to stop running these long distances, and just do strength training and city walking for a while. I need a break.

Then, I had a break between my class and my voice lesson a few blocks away, so I stopped at Integral Yoga for a juice, and perused the book section. I ended up buying "The Vegan Guide to New York City." (how lame is that? I'm a sucker for restaurant guides! Especially when its all health food!).

After a productive voice lesson, I headed over to meet my nutrition counselor at the Jivamukti Yoga Cafe in Union. I have learned so much from her about digestive health and feeling GOOD about what I put into my body. Food is and has been my vice of choice for a while, and it isn't healthy. That only leads to guilt. I am working with her to steer away from that guilt, and make healthier choices in the process. I feel like I have come a long way! Plus, she is a fantastic person and mentor to me.

That evening, I tried dinner at "Peacefood" (The new vegan restaurant on 82nd and Amsterdam). I got the Asian Greens Salad (with grilled tempeh) and the scallion pancake special. The greens were good...but I'm not a big fan of tempeh. Live and learn.

The pancakes were great! Maybe a little too heavy, with the curry soup-type dipping sauce. But very tasty. The service was okay; a little rushed and scattered. The cute waiter seemed like he had been working too long. He also was a little surprised when I ordered the salad and the scallion pancakes. The scallion pancakes was an appetizer! I can handle them both! I headed over to a concert afterwards, and saw my friend Hilary who went to Peacefood for lunch! (great minds think alike). She said she had the same waiter at 1PM that I had at 715PM. I will assume that he was just tired and not judging me for having too large of an appetite...

Then I finished the night off with beer at George Keeley's for a post trombone quartet recital celebration. I love New York.


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