Sunday, August 16, 2009

NYC half marathon!

So the reason I haven't posted in over a week, is that I missed practice Tuesday night (gasp!). Instead, I got guilted into taking the yearly trip to Six Flags Great Adventure with the boys. As much as I love spending time with these boys, I tend to get tired very quickly at amusement parks. I was ready to go home by 2PM. Unfortunately, the first bus did not leave until 6:30, which resulted in missing my Tuesday night tempo run. This was the description of the workout:


YOU are doing a nice little tempo run. Nice and steady !

Course: From your meeting location at East 72nd. You will do a 6 mile loop of the park, by heading north on east side, around north end of park, south on westside, around south end of park, and north on east to finish at East 72nd.

How to approach it: You have done it before. Do a little warm up, from East 72nd to East 90th (1 mile) and then start your tempo run.
Again, the tempo run should be run at a controlled challenging equal effort pace, for those that have a 10k time, it should be about 20 seconds slower per mile than your 10k pace (maybe 25 if it's hot tomorrow)
The key is to maintain the effort even thru out most of the run, focus on the breathing, your speed should change on the up, down and flats.
Your effort could be a bit higher towards the end as you get tired and dehydrated, but because your body is tired, not because you try to put more effort.

I was planning on doing this workout later in the week, or that night if I had the energy, but six flags really tired me out! I bet I walked more than 6 miles that day anyway...and I needed to taper for the NYC half marathon today!

Brian (the roommate) and I

I quickly and discreetly took this picture at the photo viewing area. The people working there were not happy with me. I'm the one with my arms up :-)


It was hot. When I woke up at 5AM and it was already 73 degrees, I knew the weather would be a problem. This was a very slow race for me. The combination of the heat, amount of people and having to use the bathroom at MILE TWELVE (I know. it was annoying) resulted in a half marathon that was about 15 minutes slower than my slowest half marathon to date (This was my fourth half marathon. My next one is the Queens half marathon on September 20th. Hopefully I'll blow that one out of the water!)

Despite the disappointment of not making a "personal record" (PR) or even close to that, I had a great time today. The race started in the park, and after 7.5 miles, we ran down 7th Ave. from 59th street all the way to Times Square. (At this point, one of our coaches, Rev, joined me on the run. I must have looked realllly bad because she kept checking to make sure I had enough electrolytes).

Running down 7th Ave. towards Times Square was the funnest part of the race- I loved running in an area so familiar and dear to me without having to worry about traffic or tourists (with the exception of the ones cheering for us!). There was even a giant karaokee screen and people singing "Mamma Mia," which was definitely a highlight. I almost joined in, and then realized that if I was running slowly enough to sing, that was not good. Oops.

We then turned right onto 42nd street and left onto 12th Ave. by the Hudson. We continued south until we reached the finish line at Battery Park. This was the biggest race I have ever run in New York, and had far more of a cheering section than any of the other NYRR races in the park. The support for Team In Training was incredible, and I was VERY glad I was wearing my TNT racing shirt. It made me very popular on the course.

After my mandatory bathroom break at mile 12 (I was very upset about having to take this break. I never stop during races. EVER), I knew that there was no chance that I could get a good time. So, I enjoyed the end of the race and ran in really fast at the end! That's my favorite part- as soon as I see the finish line, I sprint as fast as possible and pass everyone. This shows that yes, I do have the speed, and maybe I should use it throughout the race and not just save it for the end. But its so rewarding to go fast at the end! It makes it all worth it :-)

Race pictures to come! Hopefully the race photographers got some nice, smiling ones of me. Not sad, electrolyte and energy deprived ones.

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