Monday, August 3, 2009

14 milers

I'm sorry it has been so long since Ive made an update!

Since I last posted, I have run two 14 milers in the park (both on Saturday mornings. For the 1st of the 14 milers, I ran with my running buddy, Nicole, who also happens to be a musician: opera singer. We had a lovely time exploring the upper 5 mile loop, the lower 5 mile loop, and the middle 4 (for variety sake). It is always nice to run with someone new because you learn so much! You can run for hours and the last thing you learn will be the person's name. (Nicole and I did meet last season though, we were both late for the "Christmas practice" and we ran around with blinking jewelery asking anyone in the park who would listen if they had seen Santa run by. Santa being our coach Ramon, of course).

This Saturday, I ran alone. This is something I am not used to, but is slowly starting to be comfortable. The problem is that I want to run the advanced distances (crazy) but I cannot keep up with the advanced speeds. Since the advanced group is usually so small on Saturdays, I have been finding myself alone. Which is okay. For the 1st 6 miles I ran mostly alone, catching up with my friend Emily for the the last mile before the 72nd st transverse (she was finishing her run however because she opted for the 7AM time- FYI, we have a choice. we can either run at 7AM or 830AM. Guess which one I usually choose...). For the rest of my run, I was joined here and there for a mile or so by one of my teammates but for the most part, enjoyed the solitude. While Team in Training was running, there was also a New York Road Runner long training run going in the park. Hundreds upon hundreds of people with race numbers were running in different pace groups for up to 20 miles. It was a crowded morning. I did appreciate the free water and Gatorade. and Pacers. Very convenient. I felt like I was running with schools of fish.

For the past 2 and 1/4 years, I have been a member of the Bally Sports Club at the world wide plaza on 50th st (I used to live on 48th and 9th). Since then, I have had a personal trainer, named Marissa, who I have come to love not only as a trainer but also as a friend and confidante. Training sessions turned into therapy on some levels. Unfortunately for me (but great for her!) she has been accepted to a full scholarship theater program in Ohio and quit Bally a few months ago. I had about 20 sessions left. So I was passed on to her roommate, Nick (who is also great) and continued to finish my sessions. Unfortunately, he left the gym too when I had 9 sessions left. I got arbitrarily placed with a different trainer who I did not mesh as well with. He did not care about me as a person, just as a client. Which is fine. I appreciated the exercises he gave me and learned a lot. Finally, I have no sessions left (yet, I think I'm still in debt with the gym...) and I have to find a new way to get my strength training in. Preferably not by videos, because I have no self discipline. Oops.

Today I am trying a class at the exhale spa on 57th and 6th. It is called "core fusion sport." I have tried their regular beginner level core fusion class before, and wasn't that big of a fan. When I work out, I will give it my all, but i have TERRIBLE form. I want to feel results and work hard, but not necessarily execute it correctly (I know, I know. It's harder!). This class focuses more on smaller movements, and although I can't do some of the exercises because those muscles aren't as developed, it doesn't feel like I"m getting much of a workout. Hopefully this "sport" version will be more challenging. I am excited for find a way to get my strength training in again!

In food news...

Some of the best food I eat in New York doesn't cost me any money. I am very lucky to have a wonderful aunt and uncle who have adopted a tradition of "Sunday Dinners." They live on the upper west side in a beautiful apartment I have come to know as my 2nd home (often it makes it to the 1st place spot..). For the past 3 years, they have been hosting dinner for my friends and I every Sunday night (groups usually range from 6-16. and this is a one bedroom). As humble as my aunt Mary is (she will never admit to being a good cook and is nervous when she tries something new), she is a fantastic chef who makes huge portions of some of my favorite foods. Some of her most popular dishes include: Meatloaf and mashed potatoes (the BEST meatloaf you will every try. and potatoes), rice pilaf, "flat" chicken (our family version of chicken francaise. I came up with the name), fillet mignon (yes, that's what I said), grilled salmon, lasagna, "make your own pasta," cheesy potatoes, ham, and much more. There is also an endless amount of vegetables and salad (she is our new york mom! we need our veggies!), and at least 5 or 6 ice cream choices along with fruit for dessert. Last night we had salmon with a pasta primavera recipe I found online, a butternut squash salad, and vegetables. For dessert, she made a banana pudding and nilla wafers creation (mmm) with ice cream, of course. We are very, very lucky people.

This week I hope to try the new bar "Dutch Kills" in Long Island City (not as far as one would think!). It is run by the same people as the infamous and private "Milk and Honey" (you need a special key to get in- I would love to accompany anyone with one of those!). They are famous for their tailored cocktails, and Dutch Kills has them for lower prices. Will let you know if I actually make it out there.

This Tuesday we are doing more hills! Last week was a cat hill workout, but I was doing bag watch (one of my mentor duties) so I didn't partake in the workout, although my friend Lauren and I did a pre-bag watch hill workout before practice. It just was not as hardcore as the one my teammates did.

Happy Monday!

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