Thursday, July 9, 2009

workout routines!

It's been a week of beautiful weather in Manhattan!

Since Last week, I have organized my workout schedule to a very specific day to day routine. Whether I will stick to that, well thats another story.

Monday: Run in morning; strength training with trainer in afternoon

Tuesday: Weekly speed training session with Team in Training

Wednsday: Bikram Yoga

Thursday: Run in morning, see trainer in the afternoon

Friday: Bikram Yoga

Saturday: Long run in the park with Team in Training

Sunday: Bikram Yoga

That may seem like a lot of yoga, but since I have an unlimited package (and I like to get my money's worth), and I feel like it speeds up recovery for my runs and strength sessions, it seems like a good idea to disperse it throughout the week.

This past Saturday, we had our weekly long run in the park with team in training. The advanced group was scheduled for a 12 mile run; twice around the full 6 mile loop in the park (including the dreaded harlem hill, an area of the park I try to avoid as often as possible). I guess the killer hill workout we had Tuesday helped, because I had no trouble on Harlem hill! (well, not much trouble anyway). I guess hills are the secret!

This Tuesday we had a much simpler workout scheduled. 6 mile tempo run (including Harlem Hill). Although I feel myself improving, I don't think I push myself as hard as I can. And I don't think I run enough during the week.

Tomorrow will be a 10-miler in the park. I think I may be running alone for this one, as the team is running a 4 mile race in the park that morning and I waited too long to sign up (oops...). I am not heartbroken about that. I have run 12 races so far this year, so I am pretty sick of racing at this point. I'll save up my race energy/excitement for my next race, which is the NYC half marathon on august 16th! Come cheer me on!!

The next new workout I'm really excited to try out is called "Strip Xpertease." While this sounds wildly inappropriate, it's not really about stripper training. Just getting a hardcore workout (in stripper heals). I'm going with the girls on Wednesday, I'll let you know what I think!

Off to go relax in the park!

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