Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Raining again!

Yesterday evening, I found myself with an hour and a half to kill between seeing my trainer, and working at the theater. Despite how much I complain and moan, I know I really do love running when I spend this time sitting in the running section at borders contemplating which and how many marathon books I should buy 
(I actually didn’t buy any. I’m cheap. But I am very exciting about “A Race Like No Other” which takes the reader through the history and course of the New York City Marathon)

This weekend’s run- Since I didn’t sign up for the 4-mile race in Central Park in time (oops), I followed the advanced schedule by running 10 miles Saturday morning with my friend Lauren. I have been running with her ever since we started training for the Disney World Marathon together. Ever since she’s become a speed demon, I have found it difficult to keep up. Saturday, however, she was nice and we kept the pace slow for our 10 miles on the Hudson River Path. She even provided me with extra Gu's (nutrition for runners).

My crazy coach Ramon ran a 100 mile race on Saturday! (He actually took a wrong turn and ended up running 101 miles. What an overachiever! The race went well and he is recovering nicely. What an inspiration to us all.

I have recently become very interested in nutrition- not only what will help fuel my runs, but what will make me feel good. Being a brass player, I have had my fair share of BBQ and late night Philly Cheese Steak runs. Although I have been told I could be a competitive eater (you would be amazed), and have a very strong stomach, these additions to my diet do not make me feel good. I am trying to work on cutting out dairy products and red meat. I have also been experimenting with vegetable juices (from juice bars) and organic/vegan type foods. One of my favorite healthy places in midtown to grab lunch is called “Green Symphony.” They have an AMAZING buffet, although I usually over-do it and end up spending way too much money. I also love their sandwiches and smoothies (I’m obsessed with the “Ginger Snap”- then again, I’m obsessed with anything ginger. Every time I read a cocktail menu my eye immediately scans it for anything ginger).

I don’t follow my dietary restrictions when I go out for special occasions. I consider myself quite a foodie and often read menus and restaurant reviews as my preferred reading material. Last week, my aunt Mary (a favorite dining partner) and I tried a hole in the wall wine and cheese bar on 56th and 9th called “Kashkaval.” This was a recommendation from my friend Nick (who is also quite the food appreciator- we have been attempting to visit every BYOB restaurant in New York. More about that later). Kashkaval used to be a meat and cheese store, but they expanded into a restaurant in the back with an extensive wine menu, and a food menu with highlights including cheese fondue, cheese/meat plates, and a tapas menu consisting of different types of hummus and spreads. Mary and I ordered a salad with goat cheese and chicken and the 5 tapas sampler with unlimited pita bread. We chose a spicy walnut spread, guacamole, Tzatziki, eggplant carbonara, and artichoke spread. It was so filling, we couldn't finish half of it! (Which is saying a LOT for me). Overall, highly recommended. Maybe the service could have been a bit more attentive. Next restaurant I am going to try- Blossom, a vegan restaurant on 82nd and Columbus.

Workout tonight- 4 loops of the bridle path (1.6 miles). 1st loop= warm up. 2nd loop= HARD (85% effort...ouch). 3rd and 4th loop- recover for .5 miles and HARD for the rest. This one's going to be a doozy...and in the rain no less!!!

Happy Tuessday :-)

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