Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Ahh, we made it to July in NYC. It seems to be much hotter than last year, considering I made it through the entire summer without air conditioning last summer, and this summer I turned it on when it barely hit June.

The heat and humidity really affects a runner's happiness and stamina. It is so important to stay hydrated and cool. However, it is amazing what the human body can become accustomed to by pushing it to new limits!

On Sunday the 27th, Team in Training participated in one of the central park races- the "Achilles Hope and Possibility" 5-miler. It is a very inspiring and rewarding race because we run alongside disabled runners- it is truly amazing what they can do. 5 miles is a long run! Especially in extreme humidity!

This was Team in Training's first race of the season, so there were many first-time racers. Nervers were in the air, and so was heat and humidity. It was a pretty tough run, but my inner monologue was surprisingly calm. I remember looking back to past races, thinking that I wasn't going to make it, even in a silly 4 miler. This time, I just went with the flow. I didn't watch the clock, I didn't even wear a watch. I just ran. I feel like I could have pushed it more throughout the race, and especially at the end, but that's okay. Next time I'll be ready to bring it!

I ended up PRing (personal recording) in my 5 mile run with an 8:34 pace. This isn't completely accurate, because my PR in the 8000M (4.9 miles) is 8:17...but TECHNICALLY I PRed in the 5-miler. Yay!

Lauren and I ran a sweaty 8/10 miler on July 4th along the Hudson River on the West Side Highway Path. I'm so glad I brought a hat this time because my eyeballs definitely would have melted. Running on the westside highway the morning of July 4th has become kind of a tradition for us (2 years in a row)...hopefully we'll keep it up for 2011!

We have another TNT workout in the park tonight. It is supposed to be a high of 100 today. Ouch. Here is our workout from Coach Christine:

Pyramid speed workout: You'll be doing the upper 5 mile loop (72nd transverse to the north end of the park). Warm up from Cherry Hill heading east across the transverse, make a left to head north, continuing to warm up to E. 82nd (behind the Met). After your warm up, pick up the pace to your 5K race pace for 1 lamppost, then recover for 1 lamppost. Keep adding one lamppost to your 5K pace interval and your recovery interval (2 lampposts 5K, 2 lampposts recover, 3 lampposts 5K, 3 lampposts recover, etc.) until you reach 5 lampposts. After 5 lampposts, go back to 4 lampposts 5K, 4 lampposts recovery, and work your way back down the pyramid. Once you get back to one, start the pattern over again. Your 5K pace interval should feel like a hard effort – about 85% effort. Your breathing should get accelerated, but not totally out of control. Continue this pattern of running hard/recovering until you get to W. 81st St. (Delacorte Theater). From there, cool down back to Cherry Hill (don't miss the turn onto the 72nd St. transverse).

Stay Cool Everyone!

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